If you decide to stop using your Virtual Practice, then it is important to prepare for it. Once you have cancelled your subscription, your Virtual Practice still continues to be accessible to you, until the end of the current subscription period.

  • During this time, please download any files or data that you may need. Billing data can be exported from the Billing Report section. Detailed Patient Health Record summary documents can be downloaded in PDF format, per patient from their respective records (as explained in the section below). Prescriptions, Lab Orders and Bills can be downloaded in PDF format. Uploaded Medical Reports can also be downloaded.
  • Should you wish to avail a bulk XLS export, please contact us at support@continuouscare.io
  • It is also advisable to turn off Appointment Bookings for Video and Clinic services, Remote Monitoring Plans Subscriptions and services such as Text Consultations, well ahead of the subscription expiry.
  • You might want to notify your patients as well, should they wish to access their own user accounts and download their own files.

Exporting Patient Data (per patient)

Note: Only team users with the Primary Account Owner or Practice Admin role can export patient data.

  1. To export patient data, select patient from the Patient list and access the health profile.

Access patient profile

2. Click the indicated icon and select ‘Export as PDF’.

Export PDF

  1. Click ‘Download as PDF’ to save it to a location of your choice.

Download Patient Data


  • As per our Terms, on cancelling subscription, you will be able to access your Virtual Practice and data, till the end of the current subscription period.
  • When the subscription expires, your account will be disabled for 30 days, following which it will be permanently deleted.
  • Deletion of a Virtual Practice account will include permanent deletion of all customer data and configurations in the account.
  • Secure handling of any data exported from the system, is entirely the responsibility of the authorized personnel exporting and downloading the data. It is to be ensured that storage, transmission and accessibility of this exported data is in compliance with applicable privacy and security norms.